Valentine’s Day: A Love/Hate Relationship

Well, here we go again. Another Valentine's Day is here and, once again, I have no valentine. Ugh, this sucks...what am I going to do? I guess I have no choice but to stuff my face with an entire heart-shaped box of chocolates while listening to All By Myself by Eric Carmen on repeat. That'll… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A Love/Hate Relationship


Ten Years Ago…

Hi there! This week's post is inspired by the "Ten Year Photo Challenge" that is all over Instagram these days. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's when you post a side by side of yourself from ten years ago and today to see if you've "aged well", from an outward perspective. With… Continue reading Ten Years Ago…

How Working in Retail Helped My Anxiety

Working in retail wasn't my dream. To be honest, it's still not. My life just unfolded that way. Sometimes, though, things happen a certain way and you don't realize their impact on your life until years later.  When I started working in retail nearly nine years ago, I didn't intend on staying in the industry… Continue reading How Working in Retail Helped My Anxiety