10 Fun Facts About Me

Hi there! Since I’m a new to the whole blogging scene and you guys don’t really know me that well yet, I thought I would share some fun facts about me!

1. I’ve lived in the same town in New York since I was born. I would love to experience living somewhere else (preferably where it is warm year round), but I’m also a homebody.

2. I’m a typical Pisces–wittiness, intuitiveness and creativity are a few of my strong suits.

3. Although I have worked in retail for 8 1/2 years, my first job was as a stage manager for a children’s theatre when I was 15.

4. I am extremely indecisive (like just deciding what to include in this post was stressing me out).

5. I have a really good long term memory though my short term memory is not the best.

6. I consider myself an “extroverted introvert”. Despite my line of work (which involves me being very outgoing), I am still very much a reserved person.

7. I love documentaries. I will literally watch one about anything. Any good recommendations?

8. I wear glasses for distance, though I’ve only done so since I was 16. I especially need them when I’m driving at night.

9. I have a brother who is three years younger than me.

10. I love to travel but I rarely get to do so. I’ve been to Europe a couple of times and to a handful of states here in the US. I have a trip to California planned for later this year.

Well, there you have it! Tell me something about you in the comment section below–I’d love to get to know you guys. I’m planning on posting every Friday so don’t forget to subscribe!!

Have a great weekend 😊

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16 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Me”

  1. My hubby and I grew up in the Philippines. We now live in Albany, NY. We’ve been going to NYC to explore the different neighborhood. I’m thinking of going to Chinatown again next time. Any great restaurant you’ve tried there? By the way, I just followed you on IG, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  2. I’ve been to Europe once…. with you! I like to travel but have NO desire to go to California!! Next stop Tuscany!!! Any takers?


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