Ten Years Ago…

Hi there! This week’s post is inspired by the “Ten Year Photo Challenge” that is all over Instagram these days. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s when you post a side by side of yourself from ten years ago and today to see if you’ve “aged well”, from an outward perspective. With that in mind, I thought “why not reflect on how I’ve aged on the inside?” That’s what ultimately got me to where I am today, right? So, without further ado, let’s start reflecting!

Ten years ago, I was eighteen years old (well, technically, as of today’s date, I was still seventeen–my birthday is next month–but I digress!). It’s crazy just thinking that I graduated from high school and started my “adult” life almost ten years ago! It honestly feels like it could have been yesterday. I put the word adult in quotation marks because, even though I was technically considered one, I knew nothing about what it meant to be an adult. I didn’t know what it was like to work a job, pay my own bills, or even do laundry (yes, I know). That being said, I would also be lying if I didn’t say that I thought I knew it all back then (I’m sure many of you can relate). I was stubborn and selfish and always had to have the last word. There have been so many moments over the past ten years when I’ve realized that my parents were actually right and they weren’t just wasting my time with what seemed like old fashioned advice and lies.

At eighteen, I think a lot of us have these ideas in our head of how our lives will be once we’re out in the real world. You know, that it’s going to be so much better now that we’re grown up? I know I did and, let me tell you, it’s can be a harsh reality when you realize that life isn’t what you thought it would be. I always had this picture in my head of myself absolutely thriving in my twenties–I would figure out what I wanted to do in life, go out with friends, meet a guy, get married, etc. In reality, though, I struggled a lot with anxiety in my early twenties. Just because I was an adult, I wasn’t any less immune to mental health issues and I didn’t know how to take care of my mind properly. There’s also that immature part of your brain that is still there and makes you believe you can handle it all on your own. You can’t, though, and I’ve learned that it’s okay to reach out and seek help. I’ve also learned that sometimes you need to change your plan because life can, and will, throw you off course.

I think back now on those years with mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m disappointed and saddened by the fact that I wasn’t on top of my health which caused me to lose what some would consider “the best time of their lives.” But on the other hand, I’m proud of how much I’ve grown personally. Ten years ago, I was a naive girl who lacked even an inkling of self confidence. Ten years ago, I didn’t know the obstacles that lie ahead of me that, looking back now, helped me grow more than anything else. Ten years ago, this would have been a very different post.

As always, thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what you’ve learned about yourself or how you’ve grown over the past ten years of your life. Be sure to follow my blog so you never miss a post! See ya next time!

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4 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago…”

  1. The ten years challenge makes me ponder how time flies. Its amazing to see how we humans change as a person for good. And we keep on learning over the time. You too look cute in all the pictures. Great post. Keep Glittering 👍😊❤️, love TGA by Misha

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