Things Can Be Difficult

So, remember back in July when I committed to posting every week? Yeah, me too. Yet, another five weeks have come and gone without a post. It’s not that I haven’t at least tried to write; there’s a post sitting in my drafts that’s about 80% finished. But, let’s face it, we all know that there is more to this story than just unfinished blogposts.

As so many of you know, it can be extremely difficult to write when your mind is a mess. If you can’t relate (so jealous), the best way for me to describe writing, or even concentrating for that matter, when you suffer from anxiety is to imagine a file cabinet in your brain. Now imagine the drawers of that file cabinet being ripped open and papers start flying everywhere. You attempt to clean up and organize them again but you can’t grasp anything because the papers are swirling around your head too fast. Thinking back, there were so many times when I thought I had writer’s block but, in actuality, it was probably just my anxious thoughts interfering with my ability to concentrate. Lately, it’s been easier to just say “I’ll come back to that idea later” and hope that on a different day the words flow a little better and the anxiety flows a little less.

That post at the end of July was supposed to be relaunch of my blog, so to speak. Clearly, it’s been a bit of a struggle to get back into a writing rhythm. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently started a new job in a new field (ok, so it was over six months ago) and it’s still taking some getting used to. I’m an over thinker and a perfectionist and that is an unfortunate combination to have when starting a new position (or doing anything really). Questioning nearly everything I do at work can be downright exhausting, not to mention the fact that I sometimes bring those feelings home with me. That can really affect how I write and if I write at all.

Although this all may seem troublesome and negative, much of the past month and a half have been focused on taking steps to ensure good health and wellness. This includes both my mental health and my physical health. After all, they do work together.

Thank you so much for reading and for continuing to follow me on this crazy journey! I obviously didn’t anticipate being so inconsistent with blogposts this year but sometimes things are just out of our ability to control. I promise that I will have some fun, new content out soon and hopefully get back into a blogging routine!

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2 thoughts on “Things Can Be Difficult”

  1. I haven’t been consistent in posting too. There are a lot of things I need to prioritize right now, so my goal is to post at least once or twice per month. But that’s ok. I hope everything will work out just fine on your new job. Don’t worry… we will still be here waiting for your next post.

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