Oh, What A Week…

For me, it's really ironic that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. This week has been among the most difficult ones I've ever endured regarding my mental health. I know I tend to be overdramatic with just about everything, but the emotional pain I experienced this past week was so debilitating that I, honestly,… Continue reading Oh, What A Week…

Finally Listening to Myself

I'm a very stubborn person. I always have been and I probably always will be. In fact, I'm so stubborn that just being able to admit that has taken years. In all seriousness, though, I think that there's something different to be said about stubbornness when it comes to our well-being. We all think we… Continue reading Finally Listening to Myself

How Working in Retail Helped My Anxiety

Working in retail wasn't my dream. To be honest, it's still not. My life just unfolded that way. Sometimes, though, things happen a certain way and you don't realize their impact on your life until years later.  When I started working in retail nearly nine years ago, I didn't intend on staying in the industry… Continue reading How Working in Retail Helped My Anxiety

End the Stigma

Hey everyone! I was going to write a completely different post this week but I decided to postpone that one to talk about something I am extremely passionate about--mental health awareness. Today is World Mental Health Day and this week is Mental Health Awareness Week so I felt that it was more than appropriate to… Continue reading End the Stigma

Lesson Learned: Putting Myself First

Hi there! Before I begin this post, I wanted to get your guys' opinion on something. When I was titling this, the phrase "lesson learned" just popped into my head. That got me thinking. As someone who is in her twenties, there is so much I have learned both about myself and about life and… Continue reading Lesson Learned: Putting Myself First